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On the foto below you see my old apartment with antennas
On the balcony i had 2 x 3 mtr crank u
p mast with a 3 elm 10mtr beam on it.
f there were no propagation on 10mtr i would put up a 
12mtr glasfibre pole with a wire dipole on it for 40 and 20mtr.

Back than i was a Novice licensed station (PD5X) and could only operate at certain HF
- 40mtr (7050 - 7100)  

- 20mtr (14000 - 14250)

- 10mtr (28000 - 29700)

The maximum power what a Novice can use is 25 Watt PEP. 
In comparrison with a FULL licensed station is that 
400 Watt PEP.


After playing around on HF i saw what the potential was on the 20mtr band and decided to get a 2 elm triband beam.
Due of the lack of space i was happy that i could put up a beam.
(The Yagi was a Fritzel FB23 for 10-15-20mtr)


In 2008 it became time to buy a house. So the XYL decided to move and so we did.
Not far from the old QTH we found a nice house in a quit street.
After getting the house in
order, moving furniture and the rest of XYL's wishes, 
i finally had time to put up the new antenna.
(ofcourse the deal was... the XYL a NEW house and daddy a NEW antenna hi..hi..)

The antenna became a 2 elm Stepp IR (6 - 20mtr) Why you should think ... ? 

The reason was, whan i finally was settled i would go for the BIG ticket.
If succeeded, i would allready have an antenna suitable for the other bands.

As you can see the 2 elm Stepp IR is mounted on the side of my house. Also hanging

below the rotor is a homemade wire antenna for 40mtr and on top a Diamond X50 antenna for VHF/UHF.

After 7 years of working with the Stepp IR it became time to change the antenna.
Only now i would like to have the possibility to work on 30/40mtr with a fullsize rotary dipole.....

After looking and comparing between the Stepp IR and the new Ultrabeam. The decision was made.....

Here she is... The NEW 2 elm 6-20 & 1 elm 30/40 Ultrabeam. Like Stepp IR and Ultrabeam both antennas are great. The only advantage is that i have fullsize rotary dipole antenna for 30 and 40mtr with only 2 elm in the sky.


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